At CaSPA Care we care for people differently. We offer flexible timetables, real choices, familiar staff, homely living rooms and a warm happy environment.


We follow some simple principles:

– Respect for privacy and dignity
– Encouragement of choice and control
– A home-like, happy environment
– Caring staff who are more like family

The transition from independent living to aged care is as seamless as we can make it with normal routines and activities encouraged.

Residents wake when they choose, help themselves to a buffet breakfast or are waited on by staff.  They can assist with chores, peel potatoes or watch the chef making pancakes to order in the open plan kitchens that are central to each household. We aim to allow residents to feel a part of their environment.

Each household has a kitchen, in which meals and drinks are prepared as needed. Residents can help prepare the food or simply sit and watch. These hubs are ideal places for coffees and conversations.

There is no reduction in the number of nursing staff and doctors will continue to visit for consultations in the doctor’s office on the premises, or in the resident’s room, but the aim is, as far as possible, to see that medical care does not unnecessarily out-weigh the resident’s social needs or limit what they wish to do.

We have no set visiting hours and are pet friendly. Residents can come and go as appropriate for their capacity.

Our residents have spacious rooms in ‘households’ of around 15 people, grouped according to their interests and abilities. Each has a dedicated team of staff whose days are organised around the choices and routines that residents set for themselves. These teams are multi-skilled. They are the principal carers, manage medication, cook, clean, arrange activities and, most importantly, get to know residents and understand what they need in this phase of life.
Doctors continue to visit and see residents on-site. Our nurses are on duty at all times and take care of the clinical needs of residents but we have changed their roles to nursing consultants and mentors. This means they can support carers and focus on nursing for those who need these skills and our homes look and feel much less like hospitals.


Our residents, their families and our staff are very satisfied with this new way of caring. Don’t take our word for it…