South Port

South Port Residential Home

South Port is a high care residential aged care facility located on the border of Gasworks Art Park in Albert Park. It was established in 1981, as a result of a great community effort and still retains a role as a community hub.

South Port welcomes people from all walks of life, particularly catering to residents of the City of Port Phillip. Residents are motivated and encouraged to retain as many of their previous lifestyle activities as possible, and to continue to live according to their own timetable, so that a move to South Port can simply be regarded as a change of address to a welcoming home-like environment.

Set within charming surrounds, green garden views can be seen through enormous windows in the spacious rooms. There are many spots, inside and out, from which to enjoy the gardens.

There are single rooms available, however most of the very spacious rooms have two beds, with a privacy curtain, tables and chairs, chest of drawers and comfortable lounge chairs. Bathrooms are nearby.

Residents are encouraged to dress the rooms with their own belongings to create a home-like environment.

The dedicated, professional nursing and care staff are available 24/7, actively supporting independence, individuality and personalised lifestyle options. Dementia friendly services are provided in a relaxed atmosphere.

Respite accommodation is available.


South Port

18-30 Richardson Street
Albert Park VIC 3206

Phone (03) 9134 2000