Recognise the contributions of the elderly

Older people in our community have made a lifetime’s contribution to society. Their efforts have created the amazing standard of living we enjoy today. This is a result of the lifetime of effort and dedication of people who now need our support.

The financial and in-kind support we receive from commercial business ensures residents are provided with extra comforts and new activities.

All support is tax deductible and we work with you to tailor support programs.


Local Business support is greatly appreciated. Local businesses often provide useful services to the ongoing maintenance and re-development of our homes.

From professional services to trades, we gratefully work with local businesses to deliver outcomes for our residents.


We work with companies and philanthropic organisations to support their social responsibility programs.

We believe corporate sponsorships are a two-way street and recognise corporate sponsors at our facilities and in our communication pieces.

We also run a volunteer program, providing the opportunity to get involved on the ground.

Multicultural Community

CaSPA Care has a high number of residents from ethnic backgrounds including Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and Turkish.

We uphold the independence and quality of life of residents, and believe this is directly related to ease of living and social interaction. We consider the cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds of residents and tailor services to ensure a compassionate and friendly environment.

This includes cultural celebrations and our dining considerations that cater for the varied tastes of our residents.

We employ qualified people who speak the languages of our residents, and we offer specific information and entertainment (including TV and internet).

We provide care with kindness and empathy that considers and meets the needs of each individual in our care. Our services are shaped so that residents can express themselves in the manner to which they are accustomed.

More Information

If you would like more information about sponsorship, please contact Corporate Office:

Phone: 03 9633 9200