For Family of Prospective Residents

Care for someone you love

Decisions about caring for someone who needs more help than you can give are always complex and difficult. You want to do the best for your family, but you may not even know what the best is!

There is a wealth of information available on this website, and through sites like My Aged Care to help you make the decision about whether aged care is right for your family.

The most important thing is to involve your loved one in any decisions about the care they require.

Your decision should also involve a visit to the aged care facilities convenient to your family. Get in touch with our friendly team and arrange to come in for a tour, discussion and perhaps organise a period of respite care.

When you visit CaSPA Care you will see that our residents are encouraged to retain as many of their previous lifestyle activities as possible, and continue to live according to their own timetable.

The greatest comfort is knowing that there is skilled, sensitive, kindly expert care available to help you and your loved one.

A move to either Emerald Hill or South Port can simply be regarded as a change of address to a welcoming home like environment.

What our Residents and Family Say

Beautiful environment and design, it’s hard to believe you’re in a nursing home. The flexibility of visiting hours is a big help and pet friendly environment means we can bring our dog to visit. 24/7 care means we can rest at ease knowing mum receives medical attention when needed. Staff genuinely care and have a rapport with the residents. They listen and cater to the resident’s needs.- Teresa Belesinni - Daughter of resident