Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone entering Aged Care must first obtain an Aged Care Assessment.

An Income and Assets Assessment is also required.

For more information about an Income and Assets Assessment

An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is a team of health care professionals whose role is to visit the elderly person in their home. They complete an assessment outlining the applicant’s current medical conditions, function levels and assistance levels. The outcome of this assessment determines eligibility for residential aged care.

At CaSPA Care, we cater to all levels of care. Emerald Hill Residence and South Port Residential Home offer aging-in-place, which allows residents to come in to the home as a low care resident under the household model of care, and remain as their care needs change.

The aging-in-place approach which CaSPA Care have adopted allows our residents to enter care and then remain in their new home as their care needs change.

The Australian Government regulates the maximum costs you may have to pay and subsidies a range of aged care services in Australia. If your personal circumstances allow, it is expected that you will contribute towards the cost of your care if you can afford to do so.

The Department of Social Services has a scheduled fee increase twice yearly on the 20th March and the 20th September.

From the 1st July 2014, the accommodation payment can be made as a lump sum called a refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or as a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). It can also be a combination of a RAD and a DAP.

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Respite care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

Respite programs offer planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care-givers in order to support and maintain the primary care-giving relationship.

It provides a positive experience for both the person receiving care and for the care-giver.

It is available for those who have been assessed for respite care.

For more information and costs

Simply contact our Admissions Manager on 03 9633 9200.

There is so much to do! At Emerald Hill Residence, we offer arts and crafts, knitting, Ipad classes, computer classes, the camera club, a current affairs discussion group, the reading group, an exercise group, walking group, a men’s group, movies, hydrotherapy, gardening in our elevated garden beds, cooking and baking in our kitchens, a happy hour, and much more including numerous celebrations for days of cultural importance from Australia Day to the Melbourne Cup.

We encourage residents to continue with their existing interests and to pursue new ones and we are proud of the extensive and fulfilling lifestyle programmes we have at both Emerald Hill and South Port.

Yes. We have our own bus to enable us to go on frequent outings.

In Emerald Hill Residence, our qualified chefs prepare and serve well-balanced, attractive and exceptionally good food in kitchens and kitchenettes to be served in the dining areas. Residents can help prepare food if they wish, or sit and watch and chat with staff as they work. Residents can prepare their own beverages, and choose their own breakfasts from the breakfast buffet.

At South Port, high standard food is prepared in compliance with dietary guidelines for our residents, offering choice and familiar foods well presented and nutritionally balanced. Home-made cakes and biscuits are made daily by the chefs for morning and afternoon teas.

Dogs on leads are most welcome. They are especially encouraged as a means of encouraging others to go for a walk.

There is sure to be a time when the kitchen is free for you to prepare your favourite recipe.

Try the latte at the Lionshare café right on the premises with its own street entrance. It’s serves the local community as well as our community, and is a great place to sit with friends or family for a chat and a bite. And there are many cafés, shops, bars and the South Melbourne Market to be found within a few blocks.

We do not have specified visiting hours however just ask that you are respectful to our residents when visiting.